Thursday, January 10, 2013

Awkward and Awesome


~Reaching the middle of a flight of stairs and your body suddenly decides it would much rather slide down the rest of the way.....a few bewildering seconds later, you yell you're fine, but that doesn't stop everyone in the house from making a mad dash to see if the herd of elephants you'd been keeping upstairs  had made it down okay.....

~No visible evidence of said amazing stair slide! You discover bruises all the time of unknown origins, but just wait until you want one to prove how very much your back and arm hurt and noooooo, the bruises decide to take a holiday and never show! =P

~Still no job and as much as I would like (and NEED) a job, the idea of working at a  truck stop or Lowes just isn't floatn' my boat......and plus the first place you applied and never heard back from, has placed 3 more ads in the paper and Craigslist since you applied, so obviously they can't find anyone and you don't even warrant an interview.....*burn*

~I have five words for, I mean who thought of those? Do these people not sit on the potty (lid closed of course) to do very important things like put tights on and paint their toenails?   I am truly baffled!


~Panera Breads Thai Chopped Chicken salad is heaven in a bowl.....gosh just typing it makes me hungry..........they're open at 10:30pm right? Hmm, maybe? Wait, gotta factor in travel time, I guess by the time I get there it will be 11pm, so I may just have to wait.....

~My amazing Mom noticed my old jewelry hanger finally gave up the ghost during the move (and now my jewelry is sitting in an absolute mess on top of my dresser) so she bought me this one.....
Can't wait until it gets here!

~Bunheads is BACK!! I was looking for our good ol' Stars Hollow friends and there he was, T.J( Lukes sisters husband) as a two bit magician. I wonder if they're going to bring Luke to that would be fantastic! =)

~Can I haz dis, puh-lezz????