Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awkward and Awesome .....THURSDAY!!

No need for applause.....even though it is a minor miracle me posting an awkward and awesome Thursday  actually ON a Thursday.....let's just get right down to the.....awksomenss.....awswardness....hmm, those celebrity magazines make combining two words into one look so easy!


~Finally finding the groove running wise and then I decide it would be an excellent idea to ram my toe under the leg of the kitchen table, almost ripping off my big toe nail.....needless to say, until I can't feel every beat of my heart through my toe, I think the running will be put on hold..... especially considering walking is making me wince.....I'm SUCH a wimp! =P

~Having your swim shorts try and leave your person as you are floating with the current.....there was butt to rock contact here people, the shorts will be tied much tighter next time!!!!

~Sent Taurie (my car) into the mechanics to get his transmission fixed and now three.....weeks....later....I'm still driving my Moms car around.....first the wrong part was ordered.....then the right part got there the guy who could fix it needed a catheter put in his spine and was out of commission.....then the day he was supposed to come back to work, he was airlifted to the hospital for internal, yeah, so I guess we'll make do with one car for the unforeseeable future!


~While we didn't find the waterfall slides, we did find one that we could slide down (there was some major air to be caught on the ones we found, only those with padded posteriors need apply!) !!!!! So, yet another bucket list item has been crossed off! =)

~Can't WAIT for this movie to come out!

~Something about this song and video just scream summer to me! 

~And last, but DEFINITELY not least.....
.....after re-watching the first episode, he is still unbelievably awesome and my very FAVORITE Doctor!