Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Summer (So Far) in Pictures

Now that my computer is back I will bombard you with pictures of my summer so far!

At the Fourth of July book sale.  =)

Toasting Peeps I found at the back of the deep freeze. What? Everybody knows Peeps are WAY better frozen....I had a stroke of genius and decided to toast one over the burner on the stove, creating a creme brullee like outside and a super melty even after it cools down inside, best toasted marshmallow ever!!

I've always had a thing about rubbing a guys shaved head.....I didn't want to walk up to a random shaved guy (on the whole they don't seem like the worlds most friendly group) and ask to rub his I may have bribed my little brother with Legos to let my Mom shave his head...... ;-)

I wasn't the only one who rubbed his head, most of the women at church did too!! =)

You are now seeing the only outfit pictures I've taken in the last few months! I have come to discover that after years of avoiding this color combo, I LOVE IT!! The funny pose? It's because I also started taking a Zumba class(which is great by the way) and I am showing off my AWESOME moves! =)

This is one of my favorite pairs of earrings I've ever made!

The fam at Balloons over Bend

 A video of the first balloon, you'll want to turn the sound down as it's just loud scrambled screaming!!

At the end of the Lava River Cave, I love caves!

Eating Funnel cakes at the fair and getting covered in powdered sugar, it's a family tradition!

The kids went in these giant floating plastic balls, it was hilarious!


If you've been around long, you've most likely heard me talk about want to try a deep fried candy bar.....guess what they had at the fair this year! Now, it was pretty good, but the batter was sweet too, so it was a bit much. Now, what they really need to do is put the pickle batter on the candy bar, now that would be deep fried heaven on a stick! =

Fried cheese

A trailer that has stairs, a bigger kitchen then our house and costs half of what our house is worth.....yeah kids, keep dreaming!

Happy Summer!