Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!!!! (Wait, didn't I name last years family camp recap post the same thing?)

*GrumbleGrumble* Why is my darn camera taking so long to download the pictures....wait (she suddenly realizes) maybe it's that 22 minute long video I took of the kids puppet show..... ;-)

 With out further ado (who else loves that word?) here are some family camp pics!

The sun coming up through the trees

Hiding from the camera

It's early! My Mom and I get up at 5:30 so we can have the bathroom/showers (we're talking warm water, with a locking door type showers here people.....showers! We were warned multiple times about how rustic the camp was....please! In my opinion if I can shower daily, it is NOT rustic!)

 Our cabin mid got more organized.....I promise!

.....and here is were I promptly took my camera up to the lodge and lost it until the middle of the last day.....opps! I have "borrowed" these pics off of my FaceBook friends pages, thanks FB friends!! =)

I failed rather epically(much to the amusement of half of the people at camp who made their way down to our normally secluded shore!) at standing on the board, but in my defense it's not really a paddle board.....

I on the other hand ROCKED the kayak (not me in the pic by the way!)

Three of our Pastors grandkids getting baptized! The baptisms are always one of my favorite parts of camp! =)

Western themed lunch at the lodge, we were all supposed to bring theme clothes for the lunches and dinners, it was great! =)

.....and last but not least....if you click on this last picture to make it bigger you will see the only picture of me taken at camp this year.....and no, I am not 9 months pregnant! =P

It wa super fun and I can't wait to go back next year....maybe next year I'll have one of those awesome car top tents....oh and a husband....a girls gotta have her priorities staight.....first awesome tent.....then husband!! ;-)

A Mid Summer Nights Dream was AMAZING! I had tried to watch the movie but always got bored about a third of the way through, I didn't even catch the fact that they spoke in rhyme most of the time!

The VIP tickets were amazing seats (worth the hefty price tag for the seat alone!) and I got to order (and get carded!) my fist ever gin and tonic (I felt so sofisicated....then I opened my mouth and squealed, "I feel so sophisticated!" That kind of ruined the moment I'm thinking!), it was surprisingly good! Which might explain the second one I got during intermission..... =)

Here are the only pictures from Shakespeare in the park....taken in the car on the way there to make sure my Chai LipTint (What? that flavor is gone? I guess you'll just have to make do with one of her other AMAZING flavors!) looked okay.....*shame*what can I say? I just can't seem to remember to take pictures while I'm actually at an event! The dress I ordered to wear is way to big, so I got something on clearance at Kohl's, I'll take a pic sometime and show ya'!

For some odd reason I feel like before Penelope here.....not sure why.....maybe it's the really wide nose! =P
(How close to perfect did the hair look that night peeps? Pretty durn close if you ask ol' pig nose here!) 

.....and just for kicks here are a  few quick outfit pics, 'cause I love ya' need to bow and offer me gifts.....though if you must.....leave the gifts on the table by the door, thanks! I was to lazy to go and get something of a smaller profile to prop the camera up, so I just bent over a bit.....again my sophistication is really coming out!
 Bandanna~Wal-Mart $1.99
Green tank~Wal-Mart $4
Skirt~Made by me!
Shoes~ Flip-Flops (not pictured)

Here is a close up of the bandanna, I love wearing them like this! The secret to a neatly folded bandanna that won't slowly unfold and rumple through out the day? Iron each fold as you go and it will stay put. I wore this all through out family camp and I never needed to refold it! =)