Monday, August 8, 2011

Feelin' Fallish

Okay, the problem appears to be that blogger no longer supports my browser of choice....what's up with that blogger? What about freedom of choice? What about my rights? How can you.....opps.....Anywhoodle.....back to our regularly scheduled programming! =)

I won't lie, the fall look books have been getting to me.... I'm beginning to long for the days of falling leaves and apple cider ( cider doughnuts!) And I might be looking forward to the day when two thirds of the kids I nanny are back in school and I'm still getting paid that same.....what?! I'm just sayin'!

A few months ago I revived a catalog from Simply Be, a UK based clothing company that caters to us full busted gals. Does it strike anyone else as odd that 90% of  the similar company's out there are UK based? Do they just have bigger busts across the pond? Maybe I should consider a change of address..... ;-)

Ahem, anyway these are just a few of their beautiful and very expensive new fall items! =)

On a side note, they do have decent clearance prices and after stalking this dress ever since I first found the company....I may have bought it! Isn't it purtyful? And I even have a place to wear it! I talked my Mom and one of her friends into going to see a production of A Mid Summer Nights Dream in the park....and I may have inadvertently bought us VIP tickets....which means we get free wine and appetizers and get to hang with the swanky folks!  =)