Sunday, May 9, 2010

WIFD~Day one

Happy Mothers Day! I forgot that today was the start of WIFD, I thought that it was next Sunday. Alas, because of a big head and LOTS of hair, all hats just pop right off of my head, so no hat for me today!

Sweater- Jessica London
Tank- St Johns bay, JC Penny
Skirt-Made by me(it has huge patch pockets, I love pockets!!)
Shoes- Target
I loved these shoes in store and tried them on almost every time I went, but I try not to spend more then $15 on shoes that won't go with most of my wardrobe. I was super excited when I saw these for less then $10 on the Target website. Boyah for off season, sale shoes!  

Me and Chanticleer, while this pic wasn't taken today(it was taken on May Day while we were out delivering baskets) I am wearing the same outfit. Besides when does a giant rooster not make you smile??=)
Does anyone else love/remember the movie Rock-A-Doodle??