Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Failed the Photo Challenge.....

.....or did I? 
The goal wasn't necessarily to finish, but just to start blogging more, which I did, so while I failed at the specific challenge, I achieved my over all least that's what I'm telling myself, so I don't feel so bad about completely dropping the ball! =)

~Random Updates~

~Staff meetings are as fun as I always thought they'd least I got paid for the extra time!

~In spite of the staff meetings, (along with a few other annoyances.....) I really am enjoying my job!

~Clark (my car, in case you didn't know) scared me by attempting to die, but thanks to the mechanics and my amazing dad carpooling with me and my crazy ever changing work schedule, my the car is fixed and I always got to work! 

~The fall bug has bit me hard, I've been doing back to school at work for 3 weeks now and I'm drinking pumpkin and caramel apple themed drinks from Buckhead. So I wish the temp would stop reaching into the 90's, accompanied by "air you can wear" as one weather man referred to the humidity!

~I'm thinking of doing this to my hair again..... I have to wear it up all the time, it just gets in the way when I work and I get headaches when I wear my hair up everyday.....any thoughts?