Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Bread and Wine

Thank to some help from the lovely KELLI, I signed up for some book reviewing sights and now get sent free books as long as I post a review here on my blog, cool huh? =)

My first book was, Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the table, with Recipes, and might I say I loved every word! She has an amazing sense of humor and food description skills. She kept me laughing  crying and hungry throughout the entire book!

A collection of stories and lessons learned from the authors life centering around her love of food and the way it brings us all together, in the good and bad times of life!

It has recipes after almost every chapter and I have to admit that's one of the reasons I picked this one to review, I won't really let myself buy anymore cooks books, but as this technically wasn't a cook book, so no rules broken there, right? ;-)

As the authors husband is gluten in intolerant , the recipes are almost all gluten free and there are even a few dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian friendly choices.

This books made me want to cook up a storm, then fling open my doors and invite everyone I know to come and enjoy a long evening of food, laughter and fun!