Monday, March 25, 2013

Liebster Award!

I am undertaking the 11 things tag once more, thanks to Kelli over here at.....

Having accepted the award, I now have to post 11 random facts about myself and answer 11 questions as assigned by the tagger!

~ 11 Facts~

1) I want to be Mrs. Clause! I mean, think about it. I would get to make cookies and toys all day, wear red and white fur trimmed dresses with no one thinking I'm weird and I would get to help take car of a bunch of little people I didn't have to give birth too.....

2) I'm getting a car of my very own today! And not just any car, an adorable Tardis blue PT Cruiser!

3) The main reason I avoid drinking the proper amount of water each day is because I hate how much it makes me have to pee! 

4) Josh Groban annoys me, don't know why, I just can't stand him!

5) Ditto for Barbara Streisand! I have never been able to figure out why these two people bug me oh so very much, but they do! =P

6) Nothing ruins my manicure faster the doing a sink full of dishes! 

7) It bugs me that people seem to to forget the Rose fell in love with Doctor 9, not 10! 

8) I had never pumped gas in my life until a week ago. It was illegal in Oregon to pump your own gas and I'm not sure I hated that law!

9) I like to mix my cereal kinds. For example, Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Cocoa Pops and Marshmallow Mateys with Apple Jacks!

10) Blue and green are the two nail polish colors I have to most of! 

11) I can hardly wait for the warm weather to finally get here!!!!! 

~11 Questions~

1)Can you do a cartwheel?
*sigh* Nooooo, not really, but not for lack of trying! =P

2) If you had to be a movie character at a costume party, who would you pick to dress as?

One of my top three favorite movies, I mean come one, it's Beauty and the Beast with a quirky twist and uh-MAZING costumes! How could I not be slightly obsessed with it?

3) Would you rather go up in a hot air balloon or go kite surfing?
Hot air balloon hands down!

4) What was the FIRST and the last movie you've seen in theaters? What do you plan on seeing next?
First was Little Mermaid and last was The Hobbit! And as for the next one, I have no idea! I am really looking forward to Joss Wedons version Much Ado About Nothing, but that's not coming out until June!

5) Is there any color you won't wear?
Some shades of green and yellow make me look ill, but it's not that I won't wear them, I just won't wear them near my face! Oh, and oatmeal, I will not wear oatmeal anywhere if I can help it! Drab grey/tan just isn't my cup of tea! 

6) If you were getting married right now, what song would you pick as your bridal recessional? Fun and petty? Meaningful and spiritual? Classical or pop? Live or canned?
Gosh, I have no idea! I know what song I want played as I walk down the isle, but I've never thought about what song I want played as I I'll keep thinking about it and leave you with a video for the song I want to walk down the isle to!

7) What drink do you drink the most?
As fun an answer as this is, water! Though coffee would have to be my second most drunk beverage!

8) Do you wear sunglasses? If so, how many pairs do you own?
Yep, but I just have one pair as I have prescription lenses and that ups the price of each pair by quite a bit! But, I would have a million pairs if I didn't need those darn prescription lenses, I love sunglasses!

9) Would you rather run one mile or walk three?
Walk three.....
I was almost running three, but then the move happened and my running routine got messed up and I haven't been able to force myself to start up again! It's been to cold and besides, it's really hilly in my neighborhood, blah, blah, blah, excuses excuses!

10) Do you prefer the singing of Frank Sinatra or Fred Astaire?
Frank Sinatra, but Fred Astaire is one of my favorite actors!

11) Suppose you're a phenomenal singer and dancer - if you were to be in a musical, which musical would you want to be in and what character would you like to play?
Into the Woods and Little Red Riding-hood! It's such a fun show and I love the mixed up faerie tale humor and Red is my favorite female character, the Princes are my very favorite, but they are princes and not princesses, so I'm not exactly qualified to play them!

And I am going to be phenomenally lazy and just tag everyone who wants to do this who has less then 200 followers and to further cement my laziness, I'm even going to have you use Kelli's questions!