Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Soggy Day Poem!

Plink, plink, drop, drip, drop,
I'm afraid this rain will never stop!
Raining, raining, all day long,
Like an endless drippy song.

The ground is wet and oh so muddy,
My mop has become my bosom buddy,
Seems there's more dirt inside then out,
It makes me want to stomp and shout!

Whenever two or more are gathered near,
The talk is gloomy at best I fear,
We grunt and sigh, always complain,
About this blasted soggy rain!

We all say, where are you sun?
Come and make the rain be done!
We hate it, hate it, yes we do,
Great, now I sound like Dr. Suess!

Wait! Stop, let's all rethink,
About this endless, plink, plonk, plink,
Close your eyes and smell the air,
Nothing smells quite so fair.

As the world when it's washed anew,
God has done the same for you!
Refreshed and washed you, made you clean,
Now does hope begin to gleam?

Now open up those eyes of yours,
And get thy butt out of doors,
Look around and you shall see,
A poem so lovely as a tree....

Wait a minute, that's not my line,
Oops, let's try another rhyme!!
The grass seems greener, the flowers bright,
Isn't the world a wondrous sight?

Look at those hated drops of rain,
Sparkle and glisten, a pearly sheen,
Upon our world a miracle wrought,
It's been bejeweled, now who'd have thought!

My favorite part, I've saved for last,
A promise from an ancient past,
To never flood the world again,
Given to our boat builder friend.

A promise displayed across the sky,
For all to turn an awe stuck eye,
A band of colors shining bright,
The rainbow is a wondrous sight.

God paints it there, for us just so,
That He can let us know,
He's  always there, and loves as dear,
Isn't that so good the hear?

So, when it's gray, I'll not complain,
I've decided when it starts to rain,
I'll think upon the greatness of,
My heavenly Father up above!