Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cleaning "The Pit"

My church for the past few years has done a closed for service Sunday where the whole church is encouraged to sign up and volunteer at one of the provided activities and there is no church that Sunday. Well, I was asked to head up a team to clean out our churches costume closet. Sounds easy right? Think again! The thought of that room made our church janitor shudder and call it "The Pit", as he went on and on about the bad smell and church janitors are known to be a hardy breed of individual!!  After starting out with a team of four it dwindled down to two. The others had to work or their schedule changed, so it just ended up being me and my Mom, which actually worked out better, we were running into each other enough as it was!
Hmm, maybe not so easy.....

After we had emptied out the stuff allover the floor and were sorting it into different bins.

More stuff from off of the floor

A giant yellow M&M?? I need to go and get some fresh air, I think the dust is getting to me.....

Jah, ve be from the liberal ordnung!

Getting closer.....

Almost done.....

It's so close, I can almost smell and taste it!!

 Wait, what is this tiny little door back here for??

Oh no! 6 more HUGE garbage bags full of costumes??

Fun, with the costumes. We must have done a mid-evil play at one point, at least 2 of those garbage bags were full of stuff like this. Anyone want some grog?? And as you can tell by the halo of frizz it was getting late in the day!

We are truly finished, yeah!!!!!!