Friday, April 23, 2010

Come on with the rain!

(For those of you who also live in CO, I know that it is no longer raining and it's beautiful and 65 right now, but the computer I use has been broken so give me a break and enjoy the rain post any way, 'kay? Thanks!!)

Rain gets such bad press, nobody likes it, it's wet(no duh!) it's cold. I agree sometimes after days and days of it I get tired of it and grumble like everyone else. But, I do actually like the rain! I decided to try and show some support for this very important, beautiful and often maligned weather!

Hmm, when did they start not allowing you to embed some videos? Oh, well, no music video for you, but you can still listen to the song!

I had a devil of a time getting a version of this song that I could post! Though it's not the original, I do really like this version and think Usher did an excellent job!=)