Monday, January 4, 2010

The Best Thing I've Ever Eaten....

I was watching the Food Network the other night, yes I not only watch TV but am slightly addicted to the Food Network.=) Well, back to the point, I was watching it and a show called The Best Thing I've Ever Eaten came on. I was intrigued, I'm not sure I could pin down the best thing I've ever eaten. The theme was breakfast and there was a whole slew of different dishes. The traditional like corned beef hash and blueberry pancakes to the not so traditional like hot chocolate and spaghetti with scrambled eggs(That last one actually looked really good, so did the hot chocolate!)

It got me thinking about the best breakfast I've ever had, I've never had it all together but I'm pretty sure I've pinned down the perfect menu!

It would start with tea, yes tea, I don't like drinking coffee with my meals for some reason. Probably a toasted rice green. The green tea is light and sweet and the toasted rice adds a subtle toasted flavor that is the perfect contrast!

Then we would have raspberry cinnamon rolls. My family has found the perfect cinnamon roll recipe and it makes these little sticky not overly sweet gems that just melt in your mouth. I change the recipe up and roll raspberries up with the usual cinnamon sugar filling, of which we triple the amount of! Then right before baking your pour about two tablespoons of heavy cream over the top of each roll and that cream combines with the sugar, butter, and raspberry juice in the bottom of the pan and caramelizes into the most luscious thick sauce. I upended those rolls out of the pan the first time I made them and knew I had found a little bit of heaven on earth!

Just because the perfect breakfast would not be perfect with out a potato somewhere, I also would have hash browns. Now this is one thing I just can not replicate at home. For some reason the brown and crispy on the outside and perfectly soft and creamy on the inside with just a hint of salt and pepper buttery golden brown goodness has eluded me and my culinary skills! So, I would have to go to IHop and get some of theirs!

That dear readers is my best Thing Ive Ever eaten breakfast. If you haven't noticed this so far, I like to describe things. This was lots of fun, so maybe it will become a regular feature! Think about your Best Thing I've Ever Eaten breakfast. What would yours be? Just don't drool on the key board!=)