Monday, March 16, 2009

Pink Fuzzy Slippers

I've never done this whole blog thing before, so of course I wanted my first post to be a good one. I could write about any number of things, the sky is the limit. But, as I sat here in front of the keyboard, I drew a blank! As I tapped on the keys and wrote a sentence here and there my eyes kept straying to my feet, and to the pink fuzzy slippers that currently resided there. Hmmmm, no, who wants to read about slippers? As great as these slippers are.... pink fuzzy slippers just aren't something to write about!

So, here I sit writing about pink fuzzy slippers and the life lesson that I learned from them. They really are great, they are always there when you need them, they keep you warm through out the cold days and give you comfort and sometimes peace. The comfort is both physical and mental. Yet, as much as we love and rely on our slippers, as soon as the weather warms up, we toss them back under the bed or into the back of our closet, to be forgotten until we once again feel the chill of winter upon our feet.

My bible study group is going through Ecc, right now and for some reason my slippers came to mind as we were going through Chapter seven. The guy teaching said that we need the hard times to really appreciate God, who falls upon their knees and cries out to God when times are good? I know that I don't! Oh, I toss up a thank you every now and then, but it's when the chill of winter sets in that we go and seek our pink fuzzy slipper God. God shouldn't be treated like our slippers, only sought out when needed. We need to be thinking of and crying out to God our thanksgiving and our prayers all the time. Not only turn to him when we need something. I have been trying lately to be more faithful about spending time with God, and every time I look at my pink fuzzy slippers I will be reminded that I need to be ever faithful praising and praying to God, during the bad times and the good times.