Sunday, August 9, 2015

Drum Roll Please.....

One of the kids stuck this little man in a glass at work and I was suddenly hit with a vauge memory. I just couldn't remember the little guys name though..... 

So I googled: little guy in a glass who lived in the kitchen, and got exactly what i was looking for, I was pretty excited!

Finally have a name tag with my name on it for teaching Sunday school. My last one just said:
Very Important Parent

So, after weeks of fielding questions about my kids(ahem, they as of this very moment do not exist, but I'm sure when they do I will be very important to them!) I was very excited to get my name tag this morning!

Did you guess the theme for this weeks, though I guess technically now it was last weeks, photo challenge? In case you missed it, it was excitement!!!!

With love and laughter,