Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cute Furry Faces

Ahem, I know I missed last week, the theme was music and the concert I was banking on to get pics for the challenge canceled at the last I bagged it and now this weeks theme is animals sooooo I'd like you to meet.....

My class pets at school! Pepper is the grey guy on the left and Barbie is the reddish one on the right. It was cage cleaning day and Thursday and I snagged a picture. They are always intensely curious about the other hamster they smell, but I'm nervous to put them in the same bucket.....

Pepper is an adopted pet, he belonged to an older kid class but then when that teacher left the new gal didn't want him, so I took him in. He bit at first, but I've held him enough now he's great with the kids! And Barbie is actually the class next doors hamster, but again, the old teacher left and the new teacher isn't into rodents, so I clean and take care of Barbie for her!

In other animal news, growing up my parents had the coolest fish tank.....

And I've been looking for one for years. I was once again reminiscing about it when my dad found it on Amazon (like duh, I never did think to look on there, just on Pinterest.....) so I ordered it and it should be here in a couple days *squeeeeeee*!!!!! 

But, since we have a cat at my house, Pepper and Barbie will be getting a new aquatic friend! Hopefully if I don't name the new fish Sushi (I made it up to Sushi Jr. the 9th before I gave up on that name. The last one banged his head into the side of the cup all the way home from Wal-Mart and was almost dead by the time we got home.....) this one will live a little longer!

With laughter and love,

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