Saturday, July 28, 2012

Forgotten Fun.....

I'd forgotten just how very fun Polyvore was! I saw this shirt yesterday in a catalog and fell in love, but alas, the price tag makes it a rather impractical purchase at this point. Then I remembered Polyvore, and was hooked once again! =)

This is the outfit I would want to be wearing if the Doctor ever came knocking at my door!
Run Away With Me.....

Love, love, love these pants!!!!! I have them coming in the mail, hopefully they work out! =)
Indian Summer

And just because I love this skirt and shirt!Walkin' on Sunshine.....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Candy Smuggling.... Sin or Justified Rule Brekaing?

A friend of mine posted a link to THIS ARTICLE on my FB page. He is an unashamed smuggler and I am a horrified rule keeper. We've "discussed" this topic before, he laughs at my horrified face and I get emotional and annoyed and both of us end the conversation with unchanged minds!

It seems like most of the commenters agree that it's fine to smuggle candy, drinks and even whole meals into the movie theaters, but do you know that the theater makes no money from ticket sales the first two weeks of a movie and the only money they make is from the concession sales? So, if the movie doesn't last more then two weeks.....

I know the movie snacks are super expensive, but so are the tickets to get in. Why not just have one person buy a ticket and then let the rest of the group in through the exit door?

You know what else is expensive? Cd's and DVD's, so illegal downloading off of the internet must be okay too! Yippie, no more Netflix or Hulu subscriptions for me, I'll just download everything or free!

And I really like those boots at Target that I just don't have the money for right now.....there is no sign specifically telling me NOT to steal them, so I can just tuck the boots in my purse, right?

See where I'm going with this?

How does it look to kids who see us only keeping the rules we like or think aren't stupid? What if they don't like the rules you set and think bed times and vegetables are stupid? How can you explain that sneaking candy into to movies is okay, but they have to obey your rules, what's the difference?

How does it look to nonbelievers that we can't keep a simple rule like not sneaking candy into the movies? We read and watch all the same things, sneak candy, sleep around, pirate things off of the internet and from our friends, the divorce rate is almost identical in the church as out, is it really any wonder they view Christians as hypocrites?
WHEW! That went deeper then I thought it away with your thoughts and objections!

Ps. If you don't like the prices, YOU DON"T HAVE TO GO TO THE MOVIES! They're not forcing you to sneak (the very use of words like smuggling, sneaking, hiding ect ect ect, kind of denotes guilt or wrong doing, don't you think?) the contraband food in! And using Dave Ramsey as a scap goat is just sad.....but officer I HAD to steal the car, I would have to dip into my 6-9 month emergency fund to buy it otherwise and I need it! =P

Pss. My family used to be candy smugglers, but my parents consciences were pricked after going through Growing Kids Gods Way and stopped!

Awkward and Awesome .....THURSDAY!!

No need for applause.....even though it is a minor miracle me posting an awkward and awesome Thursday  actually ON a Thursday.....let's just get right down to the.....awksomenss.....awswardness....hmm, those celebrity magazines make combining two words into one look so easy!


~Finally finding the groove running wise and then I decide it would be an excellent idea to ram my toe under the leg of the kitchen table, almost ripping off my big toe nail.....needless to say, until I can't feel every beat of my heart through my toe, I think the running will be put on hold..... especially considering walking is making me wince.....I'm SUCH a wimp! =P

~Having your swim shorts try and leave your person as you are floating with the current.....there was butt to rock contact here people, the shorts will be tied much tighter next time!!!!

~Sent Taurie (my car) into the mechanics to get his transmission fixed and now three.....weeks....later....I'm still driving my Moms car around.....first the wrong part was ordered.....then the right part got there the guy who could fix it needed a catheter put in his spine and was out of commission.....then the day he was supposed to come back to work, he was airlifted to the hospital for internal, yeah, so I guess we'll make do with one car for the unforeseeable future!


~While we didn't find the waterfall slides, we did find one that we could slide down (there was some major air to be caught on the ones we found, only those with padded posteriors need apply!) !!!!! So, yet another bucket list item has been crossed off! =)

~Can't WAIT for this movie to come out!

~Something about this song and video just scream summer to me! 

~And last, but DEFINITELY not least.....
.....after re-watching the first episode, he is still unbelievably awesome and my very FAVORITE Doctor!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Geez, I can't Come up With Titles.....

Hello all my beautiful bloggy friends! 

Yes fair maidens, tis I, wearing a hippie-esque shirt that doesn't male me look 9 months pregnant and shorts on a Sunday  *GASP* I know right? And even though I kept waiting for the lightning to strike it never did, but a vague sense of wrong doing and guilt did follow me around all day.....once a Catholic always a Catholic in the guilt department! =)

Check out those sleeves, aren't they purttyful?
Shirt: Dress Barn, Shorts: Venezia via eBay, Belt: Shop-Ko 

Shoes: PayLess (I LOVE these shoes!!!) 

Bangles: Dress barn, Earrings: JcPenny

Another eBay find that hasn't only been worn once as I couldn't find a shirt I liked with it, enter the navy tank and the sweater because it was cold! (relativity speaking of course, it was in the 60's but I was expecting 90's so it felt way colder!)
Sweater: Kohls, Tank: Wal-Mart, Cami: JcPenny, Skirt: Venezia via eBay, Boots: Wal-Mart 

Got the watch along with the bangles and shirt from the first outfit. I almost bought it full price but stopped myself and then found it for 60% off, I love doing that! =)
Earrings: Posh Patina, Necklace: made by me from scavenged parts, Warch: Dress barn, Bracelet: FredMeyer 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Share it Maybe?

Whether you love or can't stand the original song, you have to love this spoof by Cookie Monster!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Okay, okay, I KNOW I'm like way late with this, I even half way planned and took the pictures for a, what to wear on the fourth, type post (After disparaging about having nothing to wear on the Fourth, it turns out I had at least 5 outfits I could put together, who knew?).....but obviously, I never got around to it! 

Between two MORE Pillsbury clan birthdays this week and driving around hither and yon for work.....not that I mind taking the kids places, at least they are contained and semi nice to each other in the car! Plus, it's been so nice this week, so who can really complain about getting to sit outside under a shady tree reading....ahem, I mean carefully keeping an eye on the kids.....two long, lovely afternoons this week?

And we THOUGHT we were going to move on August 5th, someone had put in an offer for our house and we accepted it, but thanks to some lazy *not very nice word* who never filed the plot line adjustments he made to our lot 26 YEARS AGO when he built our house, we get to spend thousands of dollars fixing his mistake and had to pull the house from the market and the offer fell through. We can't even have out house on the market until this has been fixed and we all know how fast the wheels of bureaucracy turn.....I kind of ran out of time and energy to blog this week! =P

Ahem, so that's how my week has gone, the Fourth was a perfectly lovely day of watching this..... the summer movie festival, it was really good! Next week is Hugo, I am soooo excited!!

.....Going to our libraries book sale.....

Hiking and wading at a local park (hence the wet pants in the outfit pictures!)

Then having some friends come over for a BBQ and fire works! 

(First two pictures stolen from the lovely Maura's FB page!)
Gotta love glow sticks!

Sadly all of my pictures of the big fire works turned out REALLY bad, I hadn't yet discovered the zoom feature on my iPod, yeah, I am sooo tech savvy it's scares me sometimes! ;-)

~What I Wore~

I never wore these pants much because they were capris and me being short, they hit at just the right spot to make my ankles look more like cankles, but I loved the subtle pin stripe. 

I finally realized I could just could just roll up the cuffs another 3 or 4 times and tack them up (I may or may  not have been doing this right before my shower on the Fourth.....) and voila, my awesome engineer pants are a much more flattering length and will be getting worn far more now!
Shirt: JcPenny, Shorts: Wal-Mart, Shoes: Old Navy 

Earrings: Made by me, Sparkly Flower Thing on Scarf: JoAnns, Scarf: Old Navy

There is a funny story about this scarf.....I impulse bought it for Becca who had been wanting to try an infinity scarf. I then coveted it from afar, finally could not stand it and asked if I could wear it for the Fourth, secretly wondering if I could just absorb it into my wardrobe, she never wore it and wouldn't miss it, right? Turns out she wanted to give it to me anyway, but since it was a gift felt awkward about we are both happy! =)