Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

pleated poppy

This was one of those, see it on the way out of the store, after blowing your budget, having it drag you to the dressing room and force you to buy it, impulse buy type of dresses, but unlike many of my impulse buys I actually wear this one!
Dress: JCPenney

Hair Flower: JoAnns

Ahh, red and green.....okay, maybe wine and sage for the shade specific among you, but what ever you call it, I love this color combo!
Sweater: Kohls, Skirt: made by me 

Scarf.....of unknown origin!


My Mom offered to take my pics today and I've discovered I dislike having other people take my outfit pictures,  after complaining about having to do it myself! I feel bad making them take so many and yes Mom mugging is more difficult under a watchful eye.....
Sweater:Target Skirt: Kohls (lace added by me), Scarf: Present, Boots: Naturalizer

You can see my bracelets and earrings in this shot if you look close enough!
 Isn't my little brother adorable?
Earrings: made by me, Bracelets: Dress Barn