Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday!

pleated poppy

I'm linking up with Pleated Poppy today!

As I sit here typing and getting hot I think the weather in TN may not like this sweater as much as I do.....

But anyhoodle, I luuuuurv this sweater! It has a shallow ballet neck, cables and is a petite so the sleeves and hem aren't hanging down around my knees! And the deep kelly green color is a winterized version of one of my favorite summer colors to wear, and one of the only shades of green that doesn't make me look sick! 

Sweater: JCPenny
 Skirt: JCPenny

I think JCPenny needs to start paying me or something, this is the third time I've worn an outfit where all of the pieces (well, my unders aren't from JCpenny, but maybe you didn't need to know that.....) come from JCPenny!

Necklace: JCPenny, Super tasty white chocolate cinnamon latte: Buckhead 

We were sad (like REALLY super sad) to discover that the closest Starbucks was 20 minutes away, so to get a coffee it would be a round trip of about 50 minutes when you add the time it would take in the store! 

When you look in the phone book for coffee places in Columbia, TN there are three options, one was closed down and the other sells bulk coffee supplies, so Buckhead it was! It's only a mile away and in my opinion their hot drinks are better then Starbucks and they have Amaretto flavoring so I can have my favorite   Amaretto latte again! I have yet to try the cold drinks, but there is a bacon cheddar muffin that is heaven in a wrapper! ;-)

If you're ever in middle Tennessee, stop on by and I'll take you to Buckhead coffee, you won't be disappointed! =)